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Pregolja's Breeding History

Kaliningrad zoo bred Pregolja with her own father, Jimmi. They had 4 calves:

  1. Female calf born 08-29-82
    killed by mother after birth
  2. Male calf born 03-11-85
    killed by mother after birth
  3. Female calf born 11-20-87
    killed by mother after birth
  4. Female calf born 03-02-95
    Named Marta. Records indicate that Marta was sent to Moscow zoo after just 8 months.
    However, Moscow zoo denies this.
    Circus Durov in Moscow took ownership of Marta in 2000, but she may have been on loan for several years before that.
    According to Zoocheck Canada, Marta killed her trainer in 2001.
    (We have received information that Marta is still with the circus living in horrible conditions.)

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