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The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is the largest natural habitat refugee for elephants in North America and occupies 2700 acres of rolling hills, forests, open pastures, lakes and ponds. The sanctuary is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, and is also accredited by The Association of Sanctuaries.

Elephants at the sanctuary are immediately given the freedom of choice as soon as they arrive. This means that they will never be dominated, chained or forced to do anything they don't want to do. The barn-doors are always kept open and the elephants have free access to the large outdoor habitat at any given time. The elephants receive nutritious meals and care by the sanctuary's professional caregivers around the clock, wherever the elephants may be in the habitat. The Elephant Sanctuary also provides their elephants with traditional veterinary care as well as a homeopathic approach with natural remedies.

The executive director at The Elephant Sanctuary has confirmed that they will accept Pregolja into the sanctuary when the Kaliningrad Zoo and city council allow her to go. Please click on our "What You Can Do" button to learn how you can make this happen.

To learn more about The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, please visit their website at

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