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Updates on Pregolja and her campaign will be posted here. More coming soon. Please check back!

August 10, 2007
Together with VITA, we released a press release in Russia this week. Several radio stations and newspapers contacted VITA.
The zoo's plan to renovate Pregolja's enclosure will not address the space issue. Neither will it address Pregolja's loneliness. We will continue asking for her release to the sanctuary.

August 17, 2007
The Kaliningrad Zoo held a press conference at the zoo this week after many questions and much pressure from the media.

August 18, 2007
News article about Pregolja and our campaign called "Green Card for an Elephant lady":

September 4, 2007
Pregolja's case has been up for another round in City Hall. Unfortunately, the city officials are still not prioritizing Pregolja's welfare. We received a letter from the office of the Vice-Mayor stating that they wish to keep her in the zoo, and instead start looking for a bull elephant to keep her company. We are very concerned that the zoo is planning to breed Pregolja again. To breed Pregolja will be very irresponsible knowing that she has not welcomed motherhood at all in the past. The letter also explained that the concrete floor will be removed from the enclosure during the 2008 renovation. (We are not sure if the concrete will be removed from the outside yard or the barn - or both).
Although this renovation is a step in the right direction, the outside yard will still be too small to house elephants.
We will continue to demand sanctuary for Pregolja. Please join us demanding sanctuary by writing to the zoo and city officials in Kaliningrad - and point out that breeding Pregolja is not the solution!

September 17, 2007
Today, PETA (People for the ethical Treatment of Animals) sent a letter to the Kaliningrad Zoo, the Mayor, and the City Council asking them to permanently close the elephant exhibit and send Pregolja to The Elephant Sanctuary.

December 14, 2007
Information we have recently gathered indicate that Pregolja's daughter, Marta, is still with Circus Durov in Moscow where she lives in appalling conditions.
Marta was trained by Viacheslav Strelnikov at Circus Durov, and she was trained to do paintings among other tricks. At one point in time, Marta's eyes started to fail her and she underwent eye surgery by an ophthalmologist. Marta's failing eye sight was blamed on her mother (Pregolja) who had tried to kill her when she was newborn.

January 12, 2008
Upon contacting the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) we learned that the association is also very concerned over Pregolja's well-being - and has been so for some time. They agreed that Pregolja's current living conditions are not acceptable and said that "Pregolja should be moved out of Kaliningrad Zoo as soon as possible".
Kaliningrad Zoo does not hold EAZA membership, and is therefore not required to follow recommendations from the association. Unfortunately.
However, like us, EAZA will continue to ask the zoo to let Pregolja go to a better home.

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